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LFW unveils Made in Assam initiative in collaboration with NFDC
Textile mills of Coimbatore in crisis over rising cotton prices
Super-resolution 3-D microscopy images cells in unprecedented detail (w/video)
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Seminario "Prototipado y Diseño Centrado en el Usuario"
Las TIC en la Industria del Futuro
International Plastic Fair 2014
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Wool/cashmere identification based on projection curves
Theoretical analysis of the yarn fracture mechanism of self-twist jet vortex spinning
Simulating three-dimensional dynamics of flexible fibers in a ring spinning triangle: chitosan and cotton fibers
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Poly(trimethylene terephthalate) multifilament yarns, process of spinning and preparing the same, package containing multifilament yarn, and the applications of multifilament yarn
Support safety apparatus of hanger for clothes rack
hanger pipe fixed-features clothing hanger
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