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17/08/2016 replica watches Evaluating turnout composite layering strategies for reducing thermal burden in structural firefighter protective clothing systems
17/08/2016 Three-dimensional modeling and simulation of deformation behavior of fancy weft knitted stitch fabric
17/08/2016 An improved model to analyze radiative heat transfer in flame-resistant fabrics exposed to low-level radiation
17/08/2016 Dyeing processes of 100% bio-based and degradable polylactide/poly (hydroxybutyrate-co-hydroxyvalerate) textiles
17/08/2016 Meso-structure and processing of three-dimensional braided material based on space group P4 symmetry
17/08/2016 Effect of kenaf fibers on trauma penetration depth and ballistic impact resistance for laminated composites
17/08/2016 Ultradrawing and ultimate tensile properties of novel ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene composite fibers filled with nanoalumina fillers
17/08/2016 Design and characterization of PLLA stents with Z-structure
17/08/2016 Numerical study of the three-dimensional preliminary flow field in the ring spinning triangle
17/08/2016 Preparation and study of low-resistance polyacrylonitrile nano membranes for gas filtration
17/08/2016 Estimation of the performance stability of the newly developed topical haemostatic agents based on the chitosan/alginate fibrids
17/08/2016 Structural deformation behavior of Jacquardtronic lace based on the mass-spring model
17/08/2016 Study on the processing of stretch-broken ramie yarns in a cotton spinning system
17/08/2016 Color texture classification of yarn-dyed woven fabric based on dual-side scanning and co-occurrence matrix
17/08/2016 Image database of printed fabric with repeating dot patterns part (I) - image archiving
17/08/2016 Adsorption equilibrium studies of a simulated textile effluent containing a wool reactive dye on gallinaceous feathers
02/08/2016 Experimental study of polyester fiber-reinforced polymer confined concrete cylinders
02/08/2016 Facile electrospinning preparation and superior luminescence properties of BODIPY composite nanofibers
02/08/2016 Tensile and forming properties of auxetic warp-knitted spacer fabrics
02/08/2016 Design and characterization of PDO biodegradable intravascular stents
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