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17/08/2016 The optimization of the surface-enhanced Raman scattering for quantitative analysis and detection of molecules
17/08/2016 Visualization of a pillar-shaped fiber bundle in a model needle-punched nonwoven fabric using X-ray micro-computed tomography
17/08/2016 Wool/cashmere identification based on projection curves
17/08/2016 Dielectric properties of paper-based composites at microwave frequency
17/08/2016 Sustained-release alkali source used in the oxidation degumming of ramie
17/08/2016 Theoretical analysis of the yarn fracture mechanism of self-twist jet vortex spinning
17/08/2016 Simulating three-dimensional dynamics of flexible fibers in a ring spinning triangle: chitosan and cotton fibers
17/08/2016 Characterization and control of oxidized cellulose in ramie fibers during oxidative degumming
17/08/2016 Improving airflow loss through the yarn-loading slit of the air-interlacing nozzle using TRIZ
17/08/2016 Immobilization of titanium dioxide on PAN fiber as a recyclable photocatalyst via co-dispersion solvent dip coating
17/08/2016 Ultraviolet protection performance of cotton fabric modified by ionic liquid iron coordination complex
17/08/2016 A novel approach for precise determination of in-plane shear behavior of woven fabrics
17/08/2016 Effects of parameters of the shell formation process on the performance of microencapsulated phase change materials based on melamine-formaldehyde
17/08/2016 Inspection of appearance defects for polarizing films by image processing and neural networks
17/08/2016 Effect of liquid ammonia treatment on the pore structure of mercerized cotton and its uptake of reactive dyes
17/08/2016 Microbial barrier properties of healthcare professional uniforms
17/08/2016 Simulative analysis of the bending property of woven fabric by the comprehensive handle evaluation system for fabrics and yarns
17/08/2016 Energy absorption of three-dimensional braided composites under impact punch shear loading
17/08/2016 Preparation and characterizations of flame retardant melamine cyanurate/polyamide 6 composite fibers via in situ polymerization
17/08/2016 Microscopic study of the surface morphology of CO2 laser-treated cotton and cotton/polyester blended fabric
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